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Conventional dev recruitment
is costing you dearly

Expensive and inflexible

High termination costs hamper your ability to scale your teamup and down according to business needs.

Low talent retention rates

Just when you get the perfect team up and running, your top engineers get poached by your rivals.

Costly vetting process

The time and effort you spend on screening, vetting and chasing up on references could be better spent on crushing business outcomes.

The hidden costs of hiring developers the traditional way.

The high net salary rate is just the start. Over 40% of the true costs are hidden.

Pension contributions and benefits

Taxes and insurance

Paid leave and illness

In-house overheads and training

Re-hiring due to low retention


World-class dev talent, on demand

Experience the convenience of getting perfectly-matched, fully-vetted, top-tier
engineers - ready to augment your team when you need them.

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Experts only

Our highly selective criteria means that our talent pool is made up of only the top experts with 5+yrs of professional experience and up to the minute skill-sets.

They’ve not only passed strict vetting processes, but have delivered great projects and proven themselves to be valuable team players.


Perfectly matched

No need to spend weeks evaluating hundreds of uncurated candidates.

We hand-select the perfect candidates for your project and required skill-sets.

We match not only on technical requirements but on timezone and compatibility with company culture.


Get started ASAP

Don’t get bogged down in lengthy recruitment processes.

Pick the perfect engineers for your project and get started in days, not months.

With in-depth experience, our hand-picked devs can quickly fit into your workflow and hit the ground running.

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How does it work?

Step 1

See which devs
match your criteria

Get an instant shortlist of
candidates that fit your needs.

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and your projects and we’ll help you hone
in on the perfect engineer for you.

Step 3

Your developer is
ready to get started

Unlike conventional recruitment, it takes
only amatter of days for our devsto
integrate into your team and start working.

Make your development budget go further with scalable development expertise, perfectly matched to your needs

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Pre-vetted talent

Proven experience

Vast skill-set range

Presonalzed matching

Matched timezone

Flexible scalling

No-hassle hiring

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